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diZKreet is a Zero Knowledge Privacy Layer for NFTs, using Aztec’s privacy-first zkRollup on Ethereum.


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Project Description

Privacy has become one of the most important aspects of web 3 development, today it is clear that not everything in the blockchain has to be public and fully traceable. Aztec offers a set of tools to ensure individuals' privacy across the Ethereum blockchain. For this project we created a ZK Rollup bridge to enable minting NFT collections in an anonymous and private way, in which Eth mainnet will record that someone on Aztec bought the NFT, but nobody will know who did it, until it is redeemed on Eth Mainnet. While the NFT remains in the Rollup Bridge Contract, the owner of the NFT will have a virtual zkNFT. This zkNFT can be swapped and traded privately, or redeemed back to ETH Mainnet for the NFT out of the Bridge Contract. Our zkNFT Shielding bridge is fully compatible with any ERC-721 NFT on Ethereum. Any NFT can now have private purchases with diZKreet.

How it's Made

This project uses Aztec ZK Rollup to create a custom ZK Shielding bridge. We are used the Aztec ZK SDK to create the secure frontend. All NFT Metadata and images were stored on IPFS using We used Ethereum as the base chain for securing digital assets. We used the Openzeppelin NFT contract to create a secure and robust Zkunk NFT.

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