Distributed IPFS Via hexagonal Architecture

BlockchainFS Using Member list Lib via Hexagonal Technique

Distributed IPFS Via hexagonal Architecture

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Project Description

This is a Blockchain to transfer files through distributed nodes(BlockchainFS) via using broadcasting member list Library , and we build our system based on Hexagonal Architecture which support loosing business coupled and decreasing dependencies among external applications or libraries so maintainability of interplanetary File System will be more Efficient as structure design, more secure and easy to maintain

How it's Made

1-System Architecture : Hexagonal

2-Type of blockchain Technique : Proof of stack

3- Distributed technique : member list Library written in Golang Language

4- Programming Language : Golang

5- Front-end Framework:Google template written in Golang Language

6- IDE: Jetbeans-Go Ver 1.14

7- Database layer : LevelDB

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