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Discovery is an application that helps educate and onboard both users and developers into DeFi. Users of the project will be able to choose a “path” that rewards them for learning, and links to included protocols so that the users can use or build on top of those protocols.


Created At

HackMoney 2021

Project Description

Discovery is an educational web3 ecosystem explorer using The Graph. It will allow anyone to navigate through a user friendly interface containing useful information about each blockchain/network/protocol. This project is an entry point for newcomers willing to learn or get involved in any decentralized project. Users will be able to follow one or multiple path(s) to better understand the ecosystem. Once involved in a path, a user can deepen his knowledge about a project through an automated on-boarding system with challenges, quests, etc.

How it's Made

We are using React in the front-end and Metamask in order to login.

In the backend it's mainly NodeJS, TypeScript and GraphQL. We are querying data from the Everest Subgraph and Uniswap v2 subgraph. We're storing that data and making the relationships through a PostgreSQL DB.

For now, the content is quite centralized but the idea is that:

The discovery-api will have specific endpoints that will provide data such as the rank of a user and the IPFS links. Those IPFS links along with off-chain data will be used by our Chainlink APIConsumer contract that would then send the request to the Chainlink Oracle responsible of putting this data on-chain. We would then generate a sub-graph from our smart contracts and, this will enable us to provide censorship resistant educational content in the Discovery dApp.

We also want to incentivize learners and builders so we thought of using Superfluid in order to stream back rewards as soon as they enroll in a path.

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