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Discover and engage with NFTs like never before with Discovia. AI-powered search, on-chain engagement, and proportional rewards for your contributions. Join the future of AI enabled content discovery and get rewarded!


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Project Description

Product Brief: Discovia - Discover, Engage, and Get Rewarded in the World of NFTs

Introduction: Hi, we are Discovia, and we've built a groundbreaking cyberspace where users can easily discover captivating content and get rewarded for their engagement. Our platform leverages advanced technologies, including computer vision algorithms and AI, to enhance the search capabilities of NFTs. By incentivizing active participation and rewarding users based on their contributions, Discovia creates a vibrant ecosystem where users can explore, appreciate, and benefit from the value of NFTs.

Enhanced Content Discovery: Imagine you're browsing OpenSea and want to find the highly sought-after NFTs, such as the Nouns. You personally prefer NFTs with brown skin and red glasses. However, when you search for "Noun with brown skin and glasses," you encounter a surprising resultβ€”a nude! This happens because most marketplaces only index NFTs based on limited metadata such as name, description, and tags defined by the creator.

Advanced AI-Powered Search: Discovia's AI layer takes NFT images and subjects them to a sophisticated computer vision algorithm. This process adds a rich layer of vector and semantic embeddings, significantly boosting the relevance and accuracy of search results. Now, you can easily find the NFTs you desire based on specific visual attributes, ensuring a more precise and satisfying discovery experience.

Social Engagement and Monetary Rewards: But what if you find an NFT you love, yet it's priced at a steep 34 ETH? Don't worry, Discovia allows you to engage with NFTs directly on the blockchain. Your timing, depth, and quality of engagement are rewarded proportionately to the monetary appreciation of the NFT in the open market. Whether you liked the NFT upon its launch, invested a small amount in it, or wrote a witty comment, all the time, attention, and social reputation you contributed will be rewarded when the NFT is eventually sold for a higher price.

Community Empowerment: At Discovia, we are not solely focused on solving the discovery and recommendation problem. We strongly believe in giving back to the community for their invaluable time, attention, loyalty, and love. We understand that creators thrive when supported by a passionate and engaged community. Therefore, we aim to create a platform that rewards users for their contributions, fostering a sense of belonging, appreciation, and mutual growth.

The Future of Discovia: Discovia's vision extends beyond revolutionizing content discovery and recommendation. We aspire to continuously provide value to our users and empower the creative community. By facilitating meaningful interactions, rewarding social engagement, and nurturing a loving and supportive environment, Discovia aims to be at the forefront of shaping the future of NFTs. Together, we can build a thriving ecosystem where artists, collectors, and enthusiasts can flourish and make their mark.

Join us on our journey as we transform the way users discover, engage, and get rewarded in the exciting world of NFTs with Discovia.

How it's Made

Discova's Architecture and Technologies:

In short

Disovery and recommendation: Discova fetches data from marketplaces using marketplace APIs - fetch the existing metadata, fetches the image, passes the image through computer vision services - retrieves additional attributes (metadata) - Combine the existing metadata with the new metadata - saves the contract ID of NFT with its enriched metadata on IPFS and a vector data base (centralized server - Used for query and used as cache)

Social engagement : Discova introduces a new concept called "NFT bundling" - Where any engagement with the NFT (Like, Super like (paid like), Comment) would also be minted as a NFT and will be attached to the parent NFT in a tokenbound account. When there is a sale of the parent NFT, the child NFT in tokenbound would also get awarded by the marketplace proportionate to their timing (early or late discovery), depth (Like, superlike, comment) and the quality (witty comment, reaction video) of engagement.

Discova, the innovative blockchain product, is built using a combination of cutting-edge technologies to ensure a seamless and powerful user experience. Here's an overview of the technologies and frameworks utilized in the creation of Discova:

Next.js Framework: Discova utilizes the Next.js framework as the foundation for its web application. Next.js is a popular React framework enabling server-side rendering, improving performance and SEO optimization.

Flask API: To handle the backend functionality and API endpoints, Discova employs Flask, a lightweight and flexible Python web framework. Flask allows for efficient handling of requests and provides a scalable and maintainable backend infrastructure.

Azure Computer Vision Services: Discova leverages Azure's powerful computer vision services to enhance its image parsing capabilities. Azure's computer vision services enable Discova's AI layer to perform advanced computer vision algorithms, extracting image-specific attributes and adding rich vector and semantic embeddings to the NFTs.

XMTP for Communication with NFT Holders: Discova employs XMTP (eXtensible Messaging and Presence Protocol) for seamless communication with NFT holders. XMTP enables real-time messaging, ensuring smooth and efficient interaction between users and NFT owners.

Qdrant for Vector Database: Qdrant is utilized as a vector database to store and manage the comprehensive index table generated for each NFT. By utilizing Qdrant, Discova ensures efficient search capabilities and optimized retrieval of NFTs based on specific content attributes. for IPFS: Discova integrates with for IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) functionality. IPFS allows for decentralized and distributed storage of the index tables and other relevant data, ensuring data integrity and resilience.

GitHub for Version Control: Discova utilizes GitHub as its version control system. GitHub enables collaborative development, code sharing, and version tracking, ensuring a smooth and efficient development workflow.

nounDAO as NFT Partner: Discova collaborates with nounDAO, a prominent NFT partner. This partnership allows Discova to access and showcase a diverse range of high-quality NFTs, enriching the content available for users to discover and engage with.

Tokenbound for NFT Bundling: Discova incorporates Tokenbound, a technology that enables NFT bundling. Any engagement with an NFT, such as liking, super liking (paid like), or commenting, is minted as a separate NFT and attached to the parent NFT in a Tokenbound account. When the parent NFT is sold, the child NFTs in Tokenbound are also awarded by the marketplace proportionate to the timing (early or late discovery), depth (like, super like, comment), and quality (witty comment, reaction video) of the engagement.

Substream for Live On-chain Data Fetching: Discova integrates Substream for live on-chain data fetching. Substream provides real-time data retrieval from the blockchain, allowing Discova to capture and utilize the latest information and interactions related to NFTs.

By utilizing this powerful stack of technologies and frameworks, Discova ensures a robust, scalable, and user-friendly platform that enables seamless content discovery, engaging user interactions, and rewarding experiences in the world of NFTs.

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