Discord Trading Bot

Get price and trade on uniswap from discord. The bot is made using Python.

Discord Trading Bot

Created At

HackMoney 2021

Project Description

Please read the README. A bot that allows you to get prices for ERC20 token pairs, buy and sell directly on discord. The bot uses Python, web3-py APIs, Coingecko API and uniswap-sdk API. The user will need to change the .env file and run the bot on their server. The bot is able to parse the ERC20 addresses of the top 50 coins from coingecko. However, you can add additional addresses in the erc20_address.json file.

How it's Made

This project uses uniswap-python sdk and discord bot sdk in order to retrieve message, parse and send transactions. We used the coingecko python API wrapper to scrape and get the ERC20 addresses of the top 50 coins. Unfortunately we didn't figure out a way to safely store user keys without saving it on a central database, so we let the user change the .env files and run the bots themselves.

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