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πŸš‘ Streamlining distribution for disaster relief by putting it on-chain


Created At

ETHGlobal Istanbul

Winner of


MetaMask - Deploy your Dapp on Linea


Curvegrid - The Curvegrid Prize 2nd Place


Arbitrum - Pool Prize

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Scroll - Deploy on Scroll

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UMA - Best use of UMA & Across 1st Place


Gnosis Chain - Innovate on Gnosis Chain

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Project Description

In case of emergency, every second counts. Bureaucracy can delay emergency relief, but it’s required to combat corruption. Human verification is costly and timely, but not all processes can be automated easily.

DirectHelp decreases the burden of bureaucracy, allowing to deliver the aid almost instantly by:

  • Easy onboarding of agents
  • Automated fund request/release for agents

Our implementation πŸͺ™ Stablecoins for instant funds transfers πŸ•΅οΈ Verification of agents using EAS βœ… Verification of fund requests using UMA Protocol πŸ‘€ Public funding requests status

Agent verification via EAS Agents are onboarding and stored on-chain

  • EAS used to store reputation on-chain
  • EAS status is available by other charities/platforms
  • Businesses can check live status of agent using EAS
  • Since there's no haste yet, the Fund can verify and attest each agent thoroughly

In case of emergency agent requests funds

  • Disaster description
  • Number of households affected he could help

DirectHelp queries UMA to confirm the disaster.

UMA dispute period starts

  • Disputed => No funds released
  • No dispute => Funds get released to agent

How it's Made

The smart contracts are written in Solidity. We use:

  • hardhat as a toolchain to compile, deploy and verify smart contracts
  • Curvegrid MultiBaas to upload build artefacts and interfaces

Smart contract utilises:

  • EAS smart contract to attest agents and track their reputation and eligibility
  • the OptimisticOracleV3 by UMA to verify claims about disasters, before releasing funds.

We use the EAS and UMA to establish a trust chain between the Fund and agents, so everybody can track their reputations. Other charities and organisations can trust on the results from the EAS.

The frontend is written with JavaScript and makes use of:

  • MeteorJS framework for a fast and easy MVP deployment
  • Curvegrid Multibaas to call smart contracts
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