Digital Disintermediation

Enhancing the the censorship resistance of NFTs in the DeFi world.

Digital Disintermediation

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Web3 Weekend

Project Description

If you run your own node and you additionally keep on a pinning service, you've got more resilience.

Learn more about the censorship resistance of IPFS in the thread below: is hosted on IPFS and it's a envisioned proto experience - that pattern will ultimately end up as fabric of how all things work. Once Filecoin developer and user flows are smoothed out (factor of time), that will be the foundational piece that hosting will be built on - lots of layers between Filecoin (metal on metal) and end user applications and services.

How it's Made

We plan to use IPFS Friends to enhance the censorship resistance of NFTs. I'm simply solving an issue that I experienced in 2020 and thus I believe the entire IPFS/Filecoin ecosystem can benefit from my unique experiences.

It is envisioned that this is only the beginning and further progress will be made even after the Hackathon.

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