DIFO - Derivated Income Funding Operations; Non-zero-sum structure - For funding or for subscription and Quadratic Funding option.


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HackFS 2021

Project Description

DIFO - Derivated Income Funding Operations. A non-zero-sum platform to redirect any passive income stream to replace funding, sponsoring, donations, and subscription models. For everyone to redirect passive income streams. For everyone to get an option for resources.

(The DEMO video does not work at the dashboard; see here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rw4vgzHtpe8 )

What is "NON-ZERO-SUM"? "Non-zero-sum describes a situation in which the interacting parties' aggregate gains and losses can be less than or more than zero. No loser / Win-Win."

THE PROBLEM: -The total TVL and the volume of passive income streams (PIS) generated with DEFI keeps growing, also the utility of tokens, but not additional utilities to those income streams are been develop.

-Bad actors and Scammers have access to get big amounts of funds in very short and hyped token sales. As we know, they just need to clon a Telegram group and make a fake web, someone falls always, the FOMO and the hype makes us blind...

-Lack of non-zero-sun structures.


Redirect Passive Income Streams, (PIS); A non-zero-sum / Risk free funding platform. A non-zero-sum subscription platform. A non-zero-sum donations platform. A non-zero-sum minting platform.

Also ScammBusters.

With the option to open stream channels from SuperFlud, anyone will be able to take stake any coin (STAKEDAO), o provide liquidity to the top protocols (Aave, Compound, Uniswap, Pods,...), and redirect every desired passive income stream (PIS) via DIFO to a selected Ethereum wallet address.

Naturally, these contracts can be covered with NEXUSMUTUAL services.

In exchange for redirecting passive income streams (PIS), supporters will receive rewards in form of SuperToken or SOTEN created with SuperFluid, representing the project, or other benefits like subscription pass and benefits, similar to how Patreon works.

The projects or entities listed to get PIS will be passing a list of needs and get hardly stressed with UPSHOT*, and a ScammBusters team, and so, get a decentralized trust score for the projects.

Making use of the Uma KPI (Key performance indicator), projects that reached predetermined targets in time before given time, will receive additional PIS APY. At the same time gaining trust for further PIS supporters.

This solves already known problems, for example, a bad actor had to keep the reputation up for a long period of time, because PIS can be canceled, which makes it more difficult for scammers to run with huge amounts of funds, due to the nature of the PIS drops.

All this variety of possible coins generating PIS can be a mesh for projects to handle, for which we will integrate CIRCLE USD, all rewards will be Swapped via PARASWAP / INSTADAPP to USDC (SuperToken) in the POLYGON layer* and finally, send to projects.

The TVL represented by Sotens (DifoV1) can be used as collateral to boost the project, via AAVE borrow USDC which will be sent to the project in exchange for Sotens, giving both sides a boost. A % of the PIS will be used to pay back this loan. (EVTL these borrowed funds will be used to initiate a pool in Uniswap, generating the initial matching amount of the project token, fees earned will be used to pay back the loan first.)

We will integrate the option to initiate this process in a self-paid way (token creation and other initial costs) Making use of the LAZY MINT option of RARIBLE - Where the token gets created once the PIS starts. For people without the resources.

On top of it, we will create an optional Quadratic Funding matching DIFO pool(QFDP) for non-zero-sum social goods fundings.

Also, a victims DIFO will be created, imagine a reversed QFDPl, for victims of natural disasters or other disgraces to have a place to share their story and ask for PIS or other types of support. P2P non-zero-sum donations.

DIFO could be integrated synergetically with the StakeDao services and Pillar Wallet because of the nature of their services.

The use cases are endless.

Fill the form to get listed ;) https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScS-93MByUTNK5E4zMVawXoIr3Yk5ofeBe_pAU0k0Ob6P5sVw/viewform

Ask us anything in Telegram; https://t.me/joinchat/p3TIEIt1-sIzYmRk

How it's Made

Web interface (ENS) for anyone to provide liquidity to the top-tier protocols (Aave, Compound, Uniswap, Pods, BadgerDao, Balancer, Akropolis, ..) connecting via Web3 wallets, like METAMASK, or staking any coin via STAKEDAO.

Web interface for anyone to create a DIFO, with the option to also create a SuperToken via SuperFluid and start receiving passive income streams(PIS).

If no token is created, it is a DIFOscription (DIFO-Subscription), and PIS redirection rewards will be others, to be clarified by the entity making the DIFO)

Pay via Gas Station Network (GSN) to choose other currencies to pay for fees.

Web interface for anyone to see the listed projects to which redirect passive income streams, opening a channel with Superfluid, which will automatically claim rewards periodically from the TVL at DIFO platform.

All rewards are swapped to USDC (Supertoken USDC?) via Instadapp or Paraswap.

DIFO TVL will be represented as "DIFOv1XX" Sokens (SuperTokens).

Web interface to BOOST projects; anyone can use "DIFOv1XX" Sokens as collateral in AAVE to get a loan for the project, which will compensate the Booster with additional rewards (Tokens, NFTs, Sokens discounts,...)

Web interface for Free minting* (Lazy minting Rarible protocol )

DIFO QF; Quadratic funding matching pool; A vault managed at IDLE for best APY, for DIFO LP to choose to redirect % of PIS.

Quadratic Donations; The DIFO QF vault and earnings to match funding of social goods or the people at the Victims pool.

Web interface for everyone to ask for PIS or other supports - Victims DIFO.


Ask us anything in Telegram;


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