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The first auto compounder for Osmosis Liquidity Providers. Boosting Osmosis user's APY by automatically compounding rewards daily.


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Project Description

Diffusion allows Osmosis liquidity providers to auto compound their rewards back into their LP position. To enter an Osmosis LP position, users select the pool they would like to add to and the percentage of their wallet value they would like to add to the liquidity pool. Those assets as swapped for the assets in the pool via Osmosis, then joined into the pool. The rewards are auto compounded back into the LP position daily.

How it's Made

this project compresses the RPC calls needed to swap & compound rewards on Osmosis into 1 Keplr approval. The frontend serves to demonstrate the calls that will happen on the backend using a mnemonic wallet to automatically compound the funds stored in the Diffusion contract. The final step is to allow for depositing and withdrawing of funds so that other people can take advantage of Diffusion's auto-compounding capabilities.

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