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Dictator DAO is an experiment with an authoritarian DAO structure, inspired by open source BDFLs.


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Project Description

The DictatorDAO allows individuals to create their own on-chain dictatorships that can run in conjunction with their projects. The dictator can create maintainer users, create constant money streams to pay maintainers, make one time payments to contributors, and of course revoke all those privileges.

The idea behind DD is not to turn DAOs into non-participatory groups, but to shake up the perception of what a DAO is supposed to be. Ideally it highlights that DAO structures still need a lot of work if they want to gain serious traction in the future.

How it's Made

The DictatorDAO solidity smart contract was developed with the Hardhat framework. It allows an individual to create their own on-chain dictatorship. The dictator can add and remove maintainer users by their addresses. Anyone can deposit Supertokens to fund the dictatorship. Dictators can create and delete money streams to pay maintainers by utilizing Superfluid's constant flow agreements (CFAs). In addition the dictators can make on time payments to contributors for whatever reason they see fit (personally had grants in mind for this functionality).

I built the user interface using next.js and react.js. Walletconnect's Web3Modal was used to make connections to the dapp with mobile wallets or a browser wallet. I used Alchemy as a node infrastructure provider and ethersjs to wire it all up. I personally have very little frontend experience, so please excuse the crude user interface.

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