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A social media app where users can post create & trade NFTs, subscribe to user content and mint a member token. It includes subscription only content that creators can monetize.


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Project Description

This dApp aims to be a central hub for NFTs. Here users can create NFTS, sell them on a marketplace, and monetize their content like blog posts. This social media side is matched with a NFT exploration tools, like search, and soon to come: NFT database, upcoming projects calendar, search by various data points, sorting of projects, visualizing NFT data with charts and dashboards. Having access to an NFT database (in the works) can also provide opportunity to train ML to predict projects that will be successful by being trained on past data. These tools are accessible only to those that have a special generated NFT.

How it's Made

The front end is made with Next.js, Typescript, Chakra-UI. The back end is using Hardhat. There is also a Postrgres database for storing NFT data for data analysis.

The most interesting (and challenging) part here is generative NFT minting ability. There are 100 programmatically generated 512x512 pixel NFTs that include an SVG diamond icon, with dynamically generated colors that are of various rarities. Plus it includes a text label of the member id number. The background is also only one of ten PNG images. Having this NFT grants users access to the NFT data analysis tools.

Users are able to mint NFTs and sell them on the marketplace.

There is a search page, where users can search for NFTs on Polygon and Ethereum. This is made with the NFTPort API.

The profile page fetches the NFTs that a wallet owns using the Covalent API.

The profile page utilizes Ceramic SelfID and DataModels for storing the basic profile information and blog post content.

Users can monetize their blog posts with the Unlock protocol. The subscribe button initializes a call to purchase the subscription. The Subscription tab has restricted access.

There are pages that are under construction for the upcoming and the nft database.

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