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Flexible L2 DAO platform that provides scalable base layer interoperability with customizable organizational design in a friendly user-interface.


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Scaling Ethereum

Project Description

The Devolution DAO is the last DAO your project will ever need. Designed to be highly extendable, a Devolution DAO can evolve with your project as its needs grow and change. From a centralised multisig being the only voter to a fully-fledged community voting tool.

Devolution DAOs also enable community growth through system-wide reputation. This enables communities to reward non-financial participation in the DAO. In the future, we hope to create discord/slack bots that allow for reputation distribution, and or the ability to use SourceCred.

How it's Made

This project uses a highly modular design to enable an evolvable DAO but on the Optimistic L2 solution. The front end has been integrated with Torus to allow for a more user-friendly UX.

The DAO itself is composed of two base modules, the Voting Coordinator and the Reputation Coordinator. These two modules cover the basic functions that any DAO needs, such as a voting booth, census mechanism, votes weighted by reputation tokens, and DAO specific governance tokens. This design is very open and unrestrictive.

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