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DeStemr is a decentralized music platform with an NFT marketplace specifically designed for music producers to earn crypto royalties by creating usable sounds/stems.


Created At

ETHSanFrancisco 2022

Winner of


9️⃣ IPFS & Filecoin — Top 9


6️⃣ Covalent — Best Use

Project Description

DeStemr is a music NFT marketplace that is designed for music producers to earn crypto royalties for their limited and popular sounds also known as "Stems".

Producers are able to upload their audio sample as an NFT in the structure of:

  1. Stem has a supply, price, and royalty split (set from user)
  2. Once a user purchases a stem (pays listing price), the supply is automatically decremented and transfer of ownership is recorded on-chain.
  3. Legal information is stored (sample source, artist, etc.) and made accessible to music labels with payments made out the original author.

This whole premise of DeStemr is to encourage music producers to create awesome sounds. As the music producing industry has recently been blowing up like crazy, there is no better time to onboard users onto a steady cash-flowing platform. Music producers upload a stem, set a price-supply-royalty combo, and wait for other producers to pick up on their awesome work!

In addition, utilizing Covalent's API, there is the opportunity to create a machine learning algorithm / trend finder for the most profitable Stems (genre/instrument)

How it's Made

This project is primarily built on the Polygon network. I am using Next.js for the front end (styling with TailwindCSS) and server side rendering. DeStemr was made possible with the following technologies:

  1. Polygon, fast and cheap network
  2. IPFS, primary file storage service
  3. Optimism (alternate deployment chain)
  4. ENS (integrated with account addresses)
  5. LivePeer (Live streaming capabilities)
  6. Covalent (Smart contract analytics) This project would not have been possible without sponsor technology, more specifically LivePeer, IPFS, and Polygon. They allowed me to create a simple and efficient interface that will result in minimal confusion for users. I believe my hardcoded supply feature in the smart contract is worth noting as it makes it very easy to see which Stems are sold out.
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