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DeSets Protocol

Decentralized datasets to train AI for future

DeSets Protocol

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ETHIndia 2023

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Filecoin & IPFS - Unique Projects in Filecoin Ecosystem (up to 15 teams)

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Project Description

Some of the potential risk of current AI infrastructure are: Centralization Risks:

  • Centralized AI datasets pose privacy and bias issues due to concentrated control.

Incentive Gap:

  • Lack of incentives hinders user participation in sharing valuable datasets for AI training.

Data Misuse Threat:

  • Centralized models risk data misuse, necessitating a decentralized solution for ethical AI training. We plan on to solve these issues with DeSets protocol


How it's Made

Building a working project in 36 hours was a bit challenging task. At the end i was able to integrate sdks and deploy contracts on chains.

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