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This is a modular stack for architecting DeSci DAOs and a base layer of DeSci DAOs.


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ETHGlobal Lisbon

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๐Ÿ”Ÿ FVM โ€” Built on Filecoin

Project Description

This project contains two repos. One is the core smart contracts for the DeSciDAO modular stack. This stack enables the creation of DeSci DAOs, with special solutions for raising funds for research. DeSciDAO members contribute research papers to the DAO, which are encrypted and uploaded to Filecoin via the gateway. A token is attached to each upload, and other parties can buy access to the research from the DAO. Then upon successful payment they get a token, which they must present to the gateway to assert that they have the rights to get the research. Everything is token gated, the membership access, the investors, and the access to the research papers.

The smart contracts also contain options for funding research via the DAO. Anyone can contribute in any supported token. Investors can later on vote on the research and decide if it was successful.

Anyone can query the base layer and build frontends on top of it. i.e. the investor SBTs will prove how much and into what someone invested --> a DeSci AngelList FE can be built for it i.e. FE software tool that enables DAO members to collaborate on science, vote etc.

How it's Made

The whole infrastructure is deployed on the Filecoin Virtual Machine.

The smart contracts consist of the following: (

  • deal client: this contract manages storage deals on the FVM (proposing storage deals, emitting the event that Boost SP-s can pick up, storing proposal details)

  • governance: regular open zeppelin governance base contract for voting & proposals in the DAO

  • DAO: this contract is used for raising funding for research. It contains nuanced functions that DAO members and investors can use. (i.e. if the funding round is unsuccessful investors can claim their money back & i.e. after a completed research period investors vote on the research - they either deny, accept, or send it back for more work.

  • Member token: this token is an SBT that gates memberships and grants rights to submit and vote on proposals

  • Investor token: this token attests that an address invested funding for research. Access token: if someone pays to access a research paper that is stored by the dao, an access token is minted, and the decryption keys can only be accessed by proving the token ownership via the gateway.

    The gateway: ( This is a node that is written in Go and is intended to be run by the DeSci DAO admins. They basically handle the encryption and upload to Filecoin for the research papers that the DAO members contribute. The gateway stores the decryption keys and people who paid to access research must get it via the gateway.

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