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Decentralized Payments. No more going to exchanges. All in one. Anything to anything crypto payment processing.


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Project Description

Forget about all the problems with payments in DApps. DePay is a drop-in, all in all, anything to anything, crypto payment conversion. A widget that you initialize just by calling a small piece of Javascript. It takes care of guiding the user through a state-of-the art payment process. No more sending users to exchanges. DePay tries to convert anything the user has stored in his wallet to pay the DApp.

DePay scans the connected wallet for all tokens of value, filters them by availability of decentralized liquidity pools, calculates routes to find the most efficient, least costly way of paying the DApp, offers that route as a mean of payment and guides the user to interact with the blockchain to perform the payment (e.g. approving token transfer etc.).

How it's Made


First hacking weekend over. Repo has been setup. Implemented first building blocks. Concrete output so far: an easy-to-use configurator to set up what kind of payment you want to receive as a DApp developer.

The next step is to build the payment dialog itself that is gonna be shown to the user based on the payment configuration.


The DePay widget connects and scans user wallets to identify tokens with liquidity pools that can be used as means of payment. It automatically selects the most efficient route, based on network fees and the underlying merchant's payment configuration.

Network fees and swap prices are calculated and displayed compellingly, offering a straight forward and state-of-the-art user experience.

The widget also allows switching the payment token. Sorting them by required network fee, helps the user to understand and pick an efficient route.

Network fees are part of the payment summary and are displayed on the widget's main payment screen. Network fees are calculated into the total payment price presented to the user. The DePay widget also allows the user to configure the gas price to influence the network fee before handing off to the wallet.


Implemented the ethereum smart contract to connect to uniswap and mooniswap when performing payments – unfortunately some edgecases are still bugy, but that's just a matter of time and more hard work.

Finished implementing the entire payment process including token approval and payment processes/confirmation.

Also quickly reassembled the underlying components to offer a token offering widget, and a token swap widget. The token swap widget is not working at the time of this writing but is just supposed to give you a feeling of how it would look like.

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