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DeleGate is a smart contract wallet that leverages Sign Protocol’s attestation for role-based access management, enhancing automation, team management, and transparency in decentralized operations.


Created At

Scaling Ethereum 2024

Winner of


Sign Protocol - Technical Excellence 3rd place


Arbitrum - Qualifying Arbitrum Submissions

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Project Description

DeleGate is a smart contract wallet that uses Sign Protocol’s attestation for role management. It enables only attested accounts to perform specific functions, promoting seamless transactions and robust team management. With transparent operations, it ensures all activities are traceable and secure. Ideal for managing permissions in decentralized environments, DeleGate enhances both efficiency and trust.

How it's Made

DeleGate integrates a Smart Contract Wallet Factory that embeds Sign Protocol’s address and schema ID into wallets. It uses attestations to manage access levels across different contracts based on account types. The integration of Sign Protocol at the smart contract level involved decoding all necessary information from attestations, requiring extensive research into how Story Protocol manages data. This ensures that only authenticated users execute functions if they meet all required conditions. Every transaction and permission change is recorded on the blockchain, providing a secure and transparent audit trail.

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