We want to help mainstream the power of money markets by offering the possibility of buying NFTs with lended money. And paying back the lend later on. For this purpose we will take advantage of the Aave protocol.


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Project Description

The projects tries make money markets available to a broader audience. In this case, NFT buyers. It does so by suppling a npm package to NFT marketplaces which they can integrate into their platform.

This npm package gives you basically 2 things:

  1. a 'BUY NOW, PAY LATER' button that they can place in their purchase funnel;
  2. an iframe that will pop up as soon as the customer presses the button.

This will take them thru the process of depositing collateral into Aave (or other money markets) with a given health factor and then borrowing the needed amount for the NFT purchase.

In the future we plan to develop a webapp where customers can see at a glance all of their open positions (and the NFT they are linked to).

How it's Made

The npm package is a React app that can be embedded into any website

The backend is built on express.js and connects to The Graph to retrieve all the necessary data for the Aave deposit and health factor.

We also built a mock NFT marketplace for testing purposes with next.js.

We used OpenZeppelin contracts to mock the NFT721.

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