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Degram2 is a decentralized social media platform. By utilizing Web 3 Storage solutions provided by IPFS (InterPlanetary File System), degram aims to provide users with a privacy-focused and adfree


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Project Description

Degram2 is a decentralized social media platform. By utilizing Web 3 Storage solutions provided by IPFS (InterPlanetary File System), Stogram aims to provide users with a privacy-focused and advertisement-free experience.

The platform allows users to post various types of media such as pictures, videos, and gifs. Instead of relying on traditional storage methods, Degram2 leverages IPFS to store the users' data. This decentralized approach ensures that Degram 2 does not need to store user data or utilize cookies, enhancing privacy and preventing potential privacy exploitation. Hence preventing your privacy and user experience from getting exploited.

One notable advantage of using IPFS is that it allows users to manage their data easily. By storing files on IPFS, users can access their content from any device without the need to carry large files or occupy local storage. This decentralized storage approach can alleviate the burden on users' devices while ensuring data availability.

Degram2 also provides a hassle-free login process by allowing users to connect their wallets. This integration streamlines the authentication process, allowing users to access their accounts without the need for traditional username/password combinations.

Additionally, Degram2 offers users the flexibility to choose the privacy settings for their posts. They can decide whether to keep their content private or make it accessible to the public. This customization empowers users to share their content based on their preferences and comfort levels.

Users can easily connect with their friends by adding them to their account just by searching their wallet addresses/ENS . Then you can easily view what everyone's posting ,share them and have fun.

In summary, Degram2 presents a decentralized social media solution that prioritizes privacy, data ownership, and user control. By leveraging IPFS for storage and implementing wallet-based authentication, the platform aims to create a more secure and user-centric social media experience.

How it's Made

The project is made using Next Js , Solidity, Javascript ,Tailwind CSS, HTML languages and we have used IPFS network to store the user's data and posts so we don't have to store their data ourselves and also enhance the privacy of our users. and We have used Family for the connect wallet authentication to provide users seamless experience while logging in.

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