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Multi-chain financial history visualizer and tax form generator


Created At

HackMoney 2021

Project Description

  • The end goal is better portfolio visualisations and better software for tracking capital gains with automatic tax form generation

  • It tracks funds on multi-chain. We made adapter for Harmony and Polygon chains

  • The gradient represents assets on Polygon/Harmony chain

  • The graph of an addresses’s portfolio distribution over time

  • The vertical line represent income,

  • if you hover over this mark we can see the total capital gains triggered by this trade, mostly from this chunk of idle USDC yield but you can see the tx fee here too

  • it’s live at

    • show account page * you can try it out with your own custom address
  • We provide a list of accounts with pre-synced data for Harmony, polygon, idle, and others that judges can explore

How it's Made

  • We spent most of these 3 weeks writing value machine adaptors. Covalent provided most of the blockchain data and we parsed the events from Polygon and Harmony bridge contracts to track the flow of value across chains. We added some app-specific adapters to gracefully handle complicated AAVE and IDLE interactions.

  • But the value machine can execute transactions from anywhere as long as they’re in a standard format, even those derived from the account statements exported from trad fi stock exchanges.

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