Bringing DeFi to the e-sport betting game space with special bets types


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HackMoney 2021

Project Description

Everyone have the same amount of points to bet in an E-sport match, and the user must use all of it to register a bet. Types of bet to use the points on:

CS:GO Match Score
CS:GO Map Winner
CS:GO Pistol Round

Let's say everyone started with 100 points and some choose to bet everything in the final match score, others on each map winner, and others a part of it in every type of betting. During the match, a rank of users based on their points will be updated in every round of the game, and the top #1 keeps the holy grail that keeps sending money to until other person is now the top #1. In the end of the match, who scored the most points also kept the holy grail longer and by doing so, received the reward for the bet.

It currently uses HLTV API to fetch CSGO matches, tournaments and scores.

How it's Made

By using Superfluid, DegamiFi creates money stream based on odds of E-sports bets. Leverage Infura and ENS to bind gamer tags to Ethereum addresses.

Superfluid made it possible to easily change the holder of the money stream and make the whole app idea possible.

Lookup in Ethereum network with Infura.

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