defuma: decentralized fund management

A fund manager creates a fund, invites depositors to earn interest, and invests the fund's reserve to generate a return.

defuma: decentralized fund management

Created At

HackMoney 2021

Project Description

This platform is aimed at talented fund managers. Investors deposit into a contract which mints an NFT that automatically flows interest back to its owner.

A fund manager, aka banker, invests depositors’ capital in various instruments. The investments are tracked on the platform. For instance, if some of the reserve is parked in a DeFi protocol the ROI is reported.

If the banker uses capital for lending the loans are recorded. Ideally the banker converts some of the money to fiat and makes microloans, thereby bridging crypto into daily life.

There is a mechanism in place to protect investors from sudden liquidation. However it’s still a DYOR game. The reputation of the banker is paramount. The platform displays the banker’s statistics but local knowledge trumps numbers.

As long as the fund is active the interest streams to the investors. At a specified date or result the fund is closed and the initial capital is returned.

How it works: We used the Superfluid framework to build a SuperApp. The app is a contract named Loan, which mints an NFT token to the loan creditor. The borrower sends interest to our contract using the specific loan ID. The contract automatically flows interest via money streaming to the lender who owns the NFT of the loan.

An advanced aspect is the loan can be sold. The new owner of the NFT will automatically get tokens from the borrower with money streaming. This can turn it into a debt market.

How it's Made

We use Superfluid framework to build a SuperApp. The app is a contract named Loan, which can mint NFT token to loan creditor, so that the borrower can send interest to our contract with specific loan ID, and it would automatically flow interest with money streaming to the lender who possesses the NFT of the loan.

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