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Defi Together - Moon Together

Chat and invest in Defi together with friends, no trust required.

Defi Together - Moon Together

Created At

HackFS 2021

Project Description

Defi Together allows groups of friends to invest in Defi and share the returns with no trust required. The project allows a users to start a group, add friends and propose defi transactions. Each transaction has its own chat thread where users can debate the transaction until it has been signed and confirmed. Modules allow the group to add specific rules like Rage Quit, Adding new friends or Kicking.

How it's Made

The project uses a Gnosis Safe to store funds and facilitate co-investing by setting each "friend" as a co-owner of the Safe. Import to add that the project makes use of the modules feature of the Safe to add specific business logic to facilitate the experience. For example the project intends to use modules to allow co-owners of the Safe to Rage quit or add a new friend. Communication between friends is facilitated by giving each co-owner of the Safe a Ceramic DID so they may write comments attached to each proposed transaction.

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