DeFi support for VS Code

DeFi language support for NodeJS in VS Code

DeFi support for VS Code

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Project Description

This is a VS Code extension to help with writing DeFi applications in NodeJS. It provides IDE integration of live address and token data, live market information, and programming model support including code completion, diagnostics, and quick fixes for common Ethereum DeFi scenarios.

Detailed features:

  • Diagnostics and quick fixes for address checksums.
  • Hover over Ethereum addresses for live ETH and token balances.
  • Hover over token addresses for live market and price data.
  • Code completion for token addresses based on name.
  • Automatic Etherscan links for mainnet and testnets.
  • Automatic ENS name two-way resolution.
  • Quick fixes to convert addresses to ENS names and vice versa.
  • Code completion for ERC20 Contract ABI.
  • Code completion snippets to help with pTokens and Uniswap v2 SDK usage.

How it's Made

This project uses the Language Server Protocol to provide language features to VS Code. It implements a DeFi language server that is IDE agnostic, and a VS Code client that interacts with the server locally.

JS libraries such as "ethereumjs" and "web3" are used for local processing of addresses and private keys.

Web3 provider using Infura for live on-chain data including address balances and two-way ENS name resolution.

Code completion for tokens addresses using Defipulse and Amberdata APIs.

Live market data for ETH and tokens using Amberdata APIs.

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