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DeFi Struct

DeFi strategies with clear risk/reward information, offer greater insight, and hold individuals who promote or develop strategies more socially accountable

DeFi Struct

Created At

ETHGlobal Tokyo

Winner of


🥇 AAVE Grants DAO — Best Use


🥉 zkBob — Best Use

Project Description

There is a need for transparent DeFi products that provide clear risk/reward information and hold individuals who promote or develop strategies more socially accountable. To encourage people to use these strategies more publicly, we will implement a private withdrawal functionality.

The Structured Products vertical in crypto is still nascent, and the underlying infrastructure has yet to be developed. The yields of structured products must become sustainable and scalable in relation to assets under management (AUM). With that said, the future of Structured Products appears bright, and we believe that protocols capable of promoting transparent and verifiable risks and returns will ultimately succeed.

How it's Made

We have constructed a 4626 vault contract and integrated it with AAVE, LENS, 1INCH, zkBOB, and Secured Finance. For the front end, we utilized React, and we employed Vercel for seamless deployment.

Our primary focus was not on developing the best financial strategies, but rather on creating a more generalized vault deployment that can be reused in the future if our ideas are validated during this hackathon.

We are proud to acknowledge that all code and ideas were conceived at the beginning of this hackathon, and we are pleased with our progress thus far. We intend to continue refining our work and perfecting it. After experimenting with these strategies over the weekend, we recognize that a more extensive and in-depth development process and pipeline are necessary to prepare our solution for production.

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