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Query blockchain with the help of ChatGPT based assistant. The assistant will give you endpoints you can visit to get data based on your query


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Project Description

The assistant bot that called defi-companion can help you query data from blockchain by providing covalent api endpoints based on your query.

This bot can help you get familiar with defi, covalent apis. A future version of bot can also help with data analysis of onchain transaction and help you identify defi-opportunities.

How it's Made

This project uses covalent apis documentation ingested as embedding into a pinecone database, which is then queried via openai-api.

For Frontend project uses react/next.js.

SPONSOR TECH: Covalent APIs In next iteration With covalent apis and function calling through openai. We can possibly analyse blockchain data in chat-mode.

nader dabit's channel has been super helpful. He has made extensive tutorials on custom usecase for chatgpt.

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