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Defi Asset Manager

Manage portfolios with different asset classes on Defi

Defi Asset Manager

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Project Description

The goal is to bring concepts like portfolio management/re-balancing from the traditional investment world into Defi. The user can select between model portfolios with different asset allocations and purchase with one click. The user could accept the default asset distribution or change the amount for the assets to be bought. Basically, it should be easier for non-crypto users to be able in invest in a balanced portfolio of different traditional asset classes like Gold, Real estate and Crypto assets available on Defi.

At present, this application could be used as a stand-alone application to manage ones portfolio. In future, we want to integrate this as part of a larger crypto-financial system for users to have accounts and manage their portfolio with many features for easy re-balancing.

How it's Made

The React front-end pulls price information from different defi protocols. It uses Chainlink Oracle to retrieve Bitcoin, DAI, Ethereum token prices. Once the user chooses their portfolio option amount, the smart contract purchases several assets (tokens) on Uniswap.

It allows the users to convert their Ethereum balance to cash assets in USDC, buy Bitcoin, Gold coins and savings and yield farming tokens like Aave and Compound. The application can be easily configured to buy Yearn, Real Estate or other assets.

The user can use Metamask, Fortmatic to carry out transactions. Non-crypto users can use their Portis account to create a portfolio.

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