Provide NFT rewards at events, basically gamification of them


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Project Description

This project is a way for project organizors to engage their younger and more tech audience. As a org. one can create events and assign quests to them. For these quests, users would receive a NFT upon completion. These rewards will be rarer as the person progresses in quests. By capturing users preferences for quests and their movement at the event we can create data analysis of their behaviour and provide that information to organizors and sponsors to make their relationship with customers better.

How it's Made

This project has been built with use of for storing NFTs. We also used NFT port for minting and retrieval of the data saved. For minting we chose to use Polygon for it's low fees. Backend and frontend is build just as a proof of concept. Nodejs and express is used for BE and simple ejs files on FE. For the future development use of frameworks will be prioritized.

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