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Deehr Market

Empowering patients with ownership of their electronic health records (EHR) while facilitating medical research through secure, decentralized data sharing.

Deehr Market

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ETHGlobal Paris

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🐟 Filecoin — Best use of FVM & Bacalhau

Project Description

We have developed a decentralized protocol that gives patients ownership of their Electronic Health Records (EHR) and allows them to monetize them to facilitate medical research. Our project democratizes healthcare data, making it a valuable resource for medical advancements while respecting individual rights to privacy and ownership. It leverages blockchain technology to secure patient data on a decentralized storage network, leverages machine learning using the Compute over Data protocol, and facilitates payments between researchers and patients. Our solution addresses issues such as high barriers to participation in research studies, understanding where and how your EHRs are stored/used, and inefficient, inequitable, siloed data sets. It offers a data marketplace where researchers can access the data they need and patients are compensated for their data. The researchers can then train machine learning algorithms using Bacalhau without ever accessing patient data directly.

How it's Made

Our solution combines various blockchain and web3 technologies. We're using Biconomy account abstraction for simple sign-up and login, The Graph for recording records on the blockchain, and Filecoin, Lighthouse, IPFS, and Bacalhau for decentralized storage and machine learning model training. We have developed a user-friendly frontend that provides a simple dashboard for patients to manage their EHRs and a portal for researchers to access the data they need.

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