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A System that can incentivize Researchers and make collaboration easier


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Project Description

Research and Academia have some long winding process for research publication and copyright where there are very less control in authors' end. In most case, due to high cost of retaining copyright and acess, authors choose non-pay option and provide non-inclusive permission to journal/conference publishers. Even they need to acces through university library database even when he/she is the author of that papers. ----- DecentraScholar is addressing those questions: a) How can we give more control to the researcher? b)How can we automatically provide Read and write option to certain research community with similar interest/ similar group.

How it's Made

--React.js for the front end

--Moralis SDK for authentication, connect to the smart contract via the use of useWeb3 hooks

--ERC-1155 for NFT Badges on Research Contribution

--Lit protocol for access control

--IPFS to store content

Upon log-in, researcher will create a profile where they will sign agreement on the distribution of their paper and get token reward as incentive

Author can also provide access to certain community if they have (Decetra Token and In similar research social circle). Lit Protocol is granting access to content by using blockchain identity as keys. Static content has been stored in IPFS.

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