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Decentralytics is an innovative data analytics tool that utilizes Filecoin/IPFS for decentralized, secure, and cost-effective analytics. Users can upload data and receive AI-powered analytics in minutes, eliminating the need for intermediaries.


Created At

HackFS 2024

Winner of


Lit Protocol - Participation Prize

Prize Pool


Zondax - Best Use of Beryx 3rd place

Project Description

Problem Statement -

In today's data-driven world, providing robust data analytics solutions presents several challenges:

Storage Limitations: Handling and storing large volumes of data is increasingly difficult and costly.

Complex Architectures: Designing and maintaining complex analytics architectures requires significant expertise and resources.

High Server Costs: Running data analytics on centralized servers incurs substantial costs. Multiple Pipelines: Managing various data pipelines adds to the complexity and cost.

Knowledgeable Personnel: There's a high demand for skilled professionals to manage and analyze data.

Lack of Open-Source Solutions: There are limited open-source platforms available for users to obtain analytics for their data without intermediaries.

Time-Consuming Analytics: Obtaining analytics quickly is challenging, often requiring significant time and resources.

Solution: Decentralytics

Decentralytics addresses these challenges by:

Decentralized Storage: Utilizing Filecoin/IPFS for decentralized data storage, reducing dependency on costly centralized storage solutions.

Simplified Architecture: Streamlining the analytics architecture to be more efficient and easier to manage.

Cost Efficiency: Lowering server and storage costs by leveraging decentralized infrastructure. Unified Pipeline: Offering an integrated solution that minimizes the need for multiple data pipelines.

Accessibility: Providing an open-source platform that democratizes access to data analytics, allowing users to obtain insights without intermediaries.

Quick AI-Powered Analytics: Enabling users to upload their data and receive detailed analytics powered by AI models within minutes.

How it's Made

Dashboards -

Recent Hot Web3 Protocols Data: Our dashboards serve the latest data from emerging Web3 protocols, leveraging our comprehensive architecture. Core Database: Utilizes Lighthouse and IPFS as the backbone for data storage. Lighthouse: Ensures secure and efficient storage of data on a decentralized network. IPFS: Provides a robust and scalable solution for data storage and retrieval. Security: Data encryption and decryption are handled using the LIT protocol, ensuring high levels of security and privacy.


Automated Analytics: Users can upload CSV/XLSX files and receive detailed analytics powered by AI models. User-Friendly: Provides analytics without requiring coding knowledge or intermediaries. Data Storage and Retrieval: Utilizes services like, Lighthouse, NFTPort, Moralis, Pinata, and Estuary for uploading and downloading reports within our architecture. Decentralized storage for secure and efficient data handling. Lighthouse: Decentralized storage ensure data integrity and accessibility. NFTPort, Moralis, Pinata, Estuary: Provide additional options for data management, enhancing flexibility and user choice.

Explorer -

Network Details: Provides comprehensive details for Filecoin (Zondex), WeatherXM, and Near Network. Premium Features: Offers AI anomaly detection and prediction over time, available to premium users. User Validation: Utilizes the LIT protocol signature method to validate users. Access to premium features is granted only to users with specific tokens. Decentralized Storage: Follows the same architecture, using IPFS CIDs for data management and security.

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