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Decentralization of Giveaways(hosting and participation), Learn to earn(about project), Promote to earn, Social profile managing platform and Donation to social cause(buy a unique nft).


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Road to Web3

Project Description

description is divided into three sections

  1. Problems 2.Solutions

  1. Problems

    1.1. Have you ever observed how many persons using the word GIVEAWAY In social platforms, And wondered how many of them are legit and how many of them are fake.

Web3 is relatively new and getting popular day by day with rapid adoption. Some of the fake projects and fake people are utilizing the popularity of web3 and scamming the people of web3 community by using the word GIVEAWAYS to become popular. However they will never give any money. Because of these fake persons and projects so many great & legit projects are falling behind. these fake projects are also wasting the time of web3 community. In worst cases they are stealing the money of new people.

   1.2. So many new web3 projects facing an issue of promoting their product. As they have small team and limited money. They also facing an issue while distinguishing the enthusiastic(active) persons. 

2.Solutions 2.1(sol for 1.1). Decentralized Giveaways offer a solution by developing a system that facilitates both users and projects for hosting and participating in the Giveaways. Chainlink VRF is used to select a random person from the list of eligible users.

   2.2(sol for 1.2). Projects can utilize Decentralized Giveaways platform to promote their project by spending a little amount(less cost & more effective compared to traditional advertisement) to reward users who learns about the project(Learn to earn) and the users who promote the project(Promote to earn). promoter have to share legitimate(true info) only at all times of promotion. If he misleads he . This ensures the project that they are spending money in a right way and also draws reliable user base. This system also provides low cost marketing team for the project. 

Decentralized Giveaways will be deployed on POLYGON NETWORK as it cross chain operation, Fast transactions and Low cost.

How it's Made

CHAINLINK VRF is used to select a random person in a decentralized way.

CHAINLINK Oracle is used to get external API data on to the chain which can be used in individual and project profiles(we also want to create a new oracle to pull data from twitter api. which can be used by this contract

Decentralized Promotions will be deployed on POLYGON NETWORK as it cross chain operation, Fast transactions and Low cost

IPFS is used to store user data

More Technologies will be used going forward

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