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Decentralized Yield Data Collector

We made a proof of concept of decentralized yield data aggregator. It gets the pool data, does calculation on it and shows the best APY value of the reserve to the user with push notification.

Decentralized Yield Data Collector

Created At

HackFS 2023

Winner of


🥇 Bacalhau — Best Use

Project Description

We did provide the end user with the best APY value of the reserve by gathering pool data. So that end users can utilize this valuable information to make an investment strategy. The users get notified about the best APY value every 1 hour. But it will be adjustable. You just subscribe to our channel, then you get constant investment strategies you can utilize.

How it's Made

We used @bacalhau to compute the best yield data in a decentralized manner. In our script we utilized the result we get from bacalhau to send to the end user via @push-notification and display on the front-end. We designed frontend via @BootstrapStudio. The backend is written in js. The bacalhau image is written in python and js. We used @Aave's v2 API because only HTTP GET requests were allowed inside bacalhau. So when a user subscribes to our channel, s/he gets notified constantly with the best APY of the reserves. We did use Aave's API, we could have done it by writing graphql queries to blockchain but bacalhau is allowing only HTTP requests. So we could also do it by writing a service in the middle, sending the HTTP GET requests to it and that server would be calculating the graphql queries. But then it would not be decentralized. We believe in blockchain and respect the industry. So we did use only Aave's API to stay decentralized even though that data is so small. We did a proof-of-concept. The amount of data we gather and the process can be enlargened in the future.

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