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Decentralized Job Board

A decentralized job board leveraging web3 tools to ensure security & privacy; giving communities a gated space for private job postings.

Decentralized Job Board

Created At

ETHOnline 2022

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🎮 SKALE Network — Best Metaverse, Gaming, NFTs


🏊‍♂️ SKALE Network — Pool Prize

Project Description

This job board will use the tooling core to web3 by combining decentralized information storage, proof-of-personhood, fee staking, and token-gating to ensure that communities have a private, secure, and easily accessibly space for posting job/contract opportunities while still having the option to share publically.

Employers can utilize decentralized storage for their job postings and opt-in to token gating by indicating the posting requires a specific NFT address to be held by the potential employee. This allows learning communities and projects to create private job postings for their members, or for people who have completed a program from which the completionists are provided an NFT token. Submitting a posting requires a small staking fee that is returned after a job posting is closed, this is to ensure active moderation of postings and removal of outdated opportunities.

Potential employees can create an updateable "resume" that can then be used to mimic LinkedIn's "easy apply" while working through job postings. A copy of this "resume" is then sent to potential employers when a job application is submitted.

Users are required to use a proof-of-personhood protocol before postings or submissions can be approved and they can set up alerts and send messages to each other to assist in communication efforts.

A video walkthrough is also available on YouTube at:

How it's Made

Presently, the dApp is built in TypeScript with the NextJS framework and utilized Hardhat to compile and deploy the smart contracts. This project makes use of the Skale Network for cheaper transactions and security for smart contract deployment and storage of job postings. Users' resumes are built with Ceramic for its easy data composability. Spruce's siwe is implemented for wallet access and signing.

In the future, as the project moves towards its idealized versioning additional technologies will be implemented. Token-gating will require the use of Covalent NFT API to display available jobs to the user based on the NFTs they hold. XMTP will be implemented to set up alerts (e.g. jobs posted for a specific NFT address) and for communications between wallets. SISMO will provide additional security and privacy by way of their proof-of-personhood and ZK badges. The job posting will move from on-chain storage to using IPFS. Lastly, the job board will implement a subgraph to track events and provide detailed analytics.

While the project is behind schedule, I am impressed with what I was able to accomplish to date as this is the first solo hack project I have worked on yet. Each of the sponsor technologies used was very helpful in building the lego-like structure of the dApp. I struggled a lot in getting this project to work when it was written in JavaScript, and I ultimately had to rewrite it into TypeScript which resulted in the working MVP I have today.

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