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Decentralized Human

Decentralized Human is a depository of personalized human assets in the form of NFTs, for the development of synthetic media.

Decentralized Human

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Project Description

The future of synthetic media (a.k.a deepfake) is limitless. It has the potential to transform how artists, advertisers and educators personalize their content to create a better human touch for their audiences. The problem with synthetic media nowadays is that there are limited channels where human faces and voices can be legitimately obtained. This has not only restricted the full potential of synthetic media but also forced video creators to go for alternative illegal channels that challenge the privacy of everyday humans.

The solution we are proposing is a voluntary depository of personalized human assets. People who are proud of their faces, voices or dance moves will be economically incentivized to upload their video recordings to our platform as a form of NFT. NFT minters will also be able to specify the intended usage of their faces and voices, which will be guarded by our internal algorithm. Video makers will then be able to harvest a large database of voluntary human assets to create quality videos that are personalized to their intended audiences.

How it's Made

The Decentralized Human dAPP is made up of two parts, namely the NFT minting platform and the synthetic media production platform.

The NFT minting platform is the user interface where individuals would be able to upload their personal assets and mint the human NFTs. This platform will be powered by the Livepeer open video infrastructure and its gateway API. NFT Minters will have to upload a video or recording of themselves following movements suggested by us to make sure every part of their face/body is captured in the video. Assets will then be minted on the Polygon network, and future transactions will also take place on the same network to minimize transaction costs. Minted NFTs will be stored using IPFS peer-to-peer hypermedia protocol.

The synthetic media production platform is the user interface where video makers create synthetic creative content. To create a synthetic video, users will have to upload an original video where they would like to apply synthetic modifications. Our engine will then be able to identify the usage of the video and display relevant NFTs that are uploaded and consented by minters. Video makers will then purchase the NFT that they found applicable, and our proprietary engine will combine the NFT asset with the uploaded video to create a synthetic video for the video creator to use.

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