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Decentralised Learning Platform

A decentralised learning platform to meet the supply and demand of teachers and students in general as well as specific niches.

Decentralised Learning Platform

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ETHIndia 2022

Project Description

Coming to the problems, First me and my teammate come from a very small town of bihar, and we faced a lot of diffuclties in our preparation time. We wanted to learn a specific technologies but there were not enough video resources to learn from it. Because it is not very lucarative for any creator to make videos for anything where there are less people and less revenue. Second, another problem we faced was , there are more than 40 sponsors present in Eth India and we tried to integrate 2-3 sdks in our project, but there were only documentation available. There were no video tutorials to help the developers. So our solutions helps developers and anyone with a specific skill set to get online and start creating content in that particular niche without worrying about the technical hassels. The creators will be paid according to the time they teach online not on the basis of suscribers they have. They will be paid by crowdfunding and the communties for making the content and helping their audience to use the product more efficiently. To summarize our product will help anyone with a relevant skill set to come online and share there knowledge and make good money.

How it's Made

  1. The first problem we ran into was about our problem statement. We first started with a thought of building a decentralised education platform. But after taking feedbacks from mentor we found out that our approach is not effiecient and it won't change things much. So after lot of brainstorming we redifined our problem statement and then started the building part.

  2. Due to some reasons our team members were not able to join us for this hackathon. So we didn't had any react or javascript developer in our team. So we had to switch to django and python, and all the implementations of the tools we were using was in javascript. So after discussing from mentors, the only option we had was to read the whole source code and find the api calls from there. So we had to read all the documentations and find the api calls and port them to python we can use it.

  3. Due to some uncertanities at the last moment , our team was not complete so we have to do all the work alone so which was very difficult in this competetive environment. We divided and by keeping the build spirit high we were able to present our solution in front of you all.

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