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A simple peer to peer payment Dapp that supports multiple tokens


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Road to Web3

Project Description

This project is proposed to be a simple peer-to-peer payment decentralized application running on the polygon blockchain. This dapp supports multiple token payment - tokens that are on the polygon chain which would be used in peer-to-peer transactions such as car pooling, housing payments or group collateral.

How it's Made

I built this using truffle, solidity and Moralis API with the proposed dapp written in typescript/javascript to be deployed on the polygon mainnet. Moralis API benefit my project because it made not only the API call easier, but also the dapp integration on react. I figured out how to properly call the Moralis API. I didn't work in a team, I hacked solo and I'm impressed at the progress I made on the smart contract though I'm yet to complete the fronted to specification.

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