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A card game where players design their own cards that they own


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ETHGlobal Istanbul

Project Description

The project aims to experiment with the way online games are played by incorporating blockchain technology and game design elements. Users will have the ability to design their own cards, proving unique ownership through the use of cryptographic algorithms on the blockchain. This allows players to securely track ownership and ownership history, making it impossible for anyone to cheat or manipulate the system. Players can then create game invites that are open to anyone, encouraging friendly competition and fair play. The prize pool will be stored on the blockchain, ensuring transparency and security. Overall, this project has the potential to introduce novel incentives into an online gaming setup where players are the designers as well as the players.

How it's Made

I used hardhat for the backend and React for the frontend. The backend is centered around a single smart contract which defines the game structures and logic, as well as the specific endpoints that will be called by the frontend. The frontend is a pretty typical React app, which I didn't have time to make pretty.

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