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project screenshot 3 - web3 gravatar is gravatar for web3.[wallet address or ENS] returns their avatar or a placeholder image - web3 gravatar

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ETHNewYork 2022

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🚀 Optimism — Just Deploy!


🏊‍♂️ NFTPort — Pool Prize

Project Description

We’ve created universal URLs that allow any developer to easily access a user’s ENS avatar image just with an address! No more nitty gritty using providers, ethers, or complex APIs.

Your ENS avatar is always accessible to you and all other developers from a static link with no dependencies![wallet address or ENS]

How it's Made

When a developer hits a profile, we first look within our systems to see if we’ve cached that user’s ENS avatar on our CDN. If we haven’t, then we fetch for an ENS avatar if it exists. Otherwise, a default image is provided for that wallet address.

For users looking to set their ENS avatar more easily and update it gasless-ly in the future, we allow them to connect to our site using Web3Modal (WalletConnect) and ethers. With NFTPort, we seamlessly fetch the NFTs in their wallet and give them the option to select one as their new profile. Then we help them set their ENS avatar value to be a link instead of an IPFS link or ArWeave value. This way, we provide a superior experience with faster loading time from a CDN and allow them to update their avatar gasless-ly in the future since the link never changes.

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