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A DATA DAO which allows people to monetize their data and allows DAO's to earn passive income via renting the data


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FVM Space Warp

Project Description

Are you tired of the limitations and lack of control over your data privacy in traditional data monetization methods? Our hackathon project offers a revolutionary solution for data monetization on the Filecoin network. Our platform leverages the power of the Filecoin virtual machine and lighthouse to provide a secure and decentralized environment for users to sell their data to decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) and for DAO's to earn via renting the DATA.

We have used Filecoin Virtual machine to verify the status of the deal via the market API to check whether the CID provided by the user is stored by a filecoin storage provider and if it is stored we check the time that is left until the deal is over. We have used lighthouse to serve the content in a gated way so that only the DAO members and the users who rent the data can use the data. Additionally we have utilized push chat to allow DAO members to chat with each other as well ask questions to the data providers

Think of the DAO members as "sharks" in the popular TV show "Shark Tank", evaluating the usefulness of the data and voting on its value. This creates a unique ecosystem where users can monetize their data while maintaining control over its privacy. With the decentralized infrastructure of the Filecoin network, our platform ensures maximum security and reliability for all data transactions.

There are 2 Phases Involve in the Platform :

Phase 1 : After the proposal with initial information about the data, if the DAO is interested in the kind of data that the user proposed the DAO approves in the phase on after which the user has to collect the data and upload it to either ipfs manually or they can use powerhouse integrated on the platform itself

Phase 2: After the upload of the data is done and the deal is verified on the smart contract side the DAO again votes after checking the data. if the data is good they vote again and if the phase 2 is a success the proposer gets rewarded with the amount of filecoin he asked in the proposal.

In addition to data monetization, our project also includes an actor marketplace. The DAO will vote to invest in computation models, providing users with a new source of passive income through model rentals. This marketplace further expands the opportunities for users to monetize their data and join the decentralized future.

Join us in empowering yourself to monetize your data securely and join the decentralized revolution. Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional data monetization methods and join the Filecoin network today!

How it's Made

Filecoin Virtual Machine : We have utilized this to check the DATA DAO logic as well as to check and verify the deal status and expiry of a deal in the decentralized way

Lighthouse : We have utilized lighthouse to serve gated data so that the data is only visible to DAO members as well as the users who rent the DATA

Push Protocol : We have integrated push chat protocol so that DAO members can chat with each other discussing proposal as well as questions to proposer

Spheron network : Spheron network provides us the hosting support so that we can host our platform in a decentralized manner

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