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Dynamic file standard and protocol using cryptography and IPFS that let any file do data metamorphosis over time: datamorphosis


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Project Description

This file standard and protocol gives any kind of file/NFT the capability to transform its data-content to a different one already obfuscated and encrypted in it using hidden states through logically programmed triggers that shows the path to deploy them.

The protocol uses IPFS realiability and cryptographic security to generate datamorphed files that remains with the same data-content but are unexpectly dynamic in their output.

There are use cases in the immediate term to solve many current problems: -Trusted NFT Mints with Pre-Reveal/Reveal states, since the user will have the whole NFT code with the Reveal information but can't read it. -Gaming NFTs: artifacts, secret messages, locations, unpredictable dynamic interactions through the new datamorphosis, etc. -Licenced content distribution, use, control and payments. -High sensitive information broadcasting.

How it's Made

We shared our idea with mentors and teams to validate and get more use case ideas. We got extremly rich ones. We decided to go for the demo with the most requested one: Trusted NFT Mints.

With this on the table and the technology decided, one of us started with the logic on production and flowcharts, another with the designs and the other two with the programming to deploy a prototype that shows this basic functionallity.

We found that we can solve the problem of the current (obvious) non-standarization of Datamorpho using .js to process any expected data so this can help the technology have quick adoption.

We love, rely and need the reliability that IPFS protocol offers to trust the authenticity of any stored datamorphed file, 100% trackeable.

We are proud of what we are making because everyone who listens to our solution wants to see it implemented and use it for their benefit and thinks that it will help the community to build even greater things. We are expecting to hear more and more use cases... we can't stop smilling!

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