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Engage provides a platform for creators to track audience metrics and analytics


Created At

ETHOnline 2023

Project Description

  1. Multi-Platform Analytics: Creators can access a unified dashboard that provides comprehensive analytics across multiple platforms, such as YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, and more. This allows creators to track their performance and understand their audience across various channels.

  2. Audience Insights: Engage provides real-time insights into what fans are talking about, allowing creators to gauge audience sentiment, preferences, and trending topics. This information helps creators tailor their content and engagement strategies for maximum impact.

How it's Made

Engage is built with Lens, Walletconnect and IPFS protocols. Lens is used as a social profile manager to maintain social connections and to track levels and rewards. Walletconnect is used as an onboarding platform for all users to join the platform. By using a wallet inbox, the users are also notified about challenges and announcements by the creator. IPFS is used as a storage network, and Lilypad is used as a computing platform. All of the analytics available on the platform are run on Lilypad.

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