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Datablocks is a set of smart contract primitives to provide the proper building blocks for establishing an incentive-aligned Data DAO on FVM.


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FVM Space Warp

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Project Description

Datablocks is a set of smart contract primitives to provide the proper building blocks for establishing an incentive-aligned Data DAO on FVM.

Our project centers around three core pillars:

  1. Data Tokens
  2. Data DAO Core
  3. Data Bounties

Data Tokens allow users to tokenize datasets on FEVM. The Data Token standards are simply a new set of token contracts that embed the Piece CID of data stored on the Filecoin, such that the token itself can represent the underlying data on-chain. Data tokenization allows datasets to be exchanged for value as determined by the market. This enables buyers who have a deep interest in a dataset or believe in its utility to purchase and have ownership over its tokens.

The Data DAO Core serves three purposes: (a) Registry, (b) Treasury, (c) Governance. First, it acts as a Verified Registry for all the Data Tokens owned by the DAO. Second, it acts as a Treasury for the DAO. Where all revenue generated from the DAO’s Data Tokens (whether in primary sale or royalties from secondary) are directly transferred - such that the DAO directly accrues value from the datasets under its ownership. Third, on-chain governance. Datablocks comes with a Delegable ERC20 token, which can not only represent a stake in the DAO but also be used as voting rights for members. The Core contract allows members to create and execute on-chain proposals, allowing the community to decide on how to manage its treasury in a decentralized manner on-chain.

Data Bounties are modules to incentivize the preservation, augmentation, and innovation of a DAO’s datasets. These includes: i. Storage bounties to incentivize creation of storage deals for datasets, which include custom parameters such as vesting schedules for the bounty reward to ensure data is reliably stored over time. ii. Perpetual storage bounties that additionally incentivize anyone to find expiring storage deals on datasets and renew their storage bounties. iii. Generic bounties for any open-ended task, whether that may be computation bounties or data processing bounties to help make datasets more useful for research. These bounties allow gathered submissions to be reviewed and voted on by a subset of DAO members called witnesses, who ensure the quality of submissions while getting a cut of the reward themselves.

Datablocks creates a clear incentive alignment for Data DAOs where Data Tokens build the Treasury, which then creates incentives to preserve and amplify the data, and fund research to create new tokenized datasets to repeat this positive feedback loop.

How it's Made

This project is deployed on the Filecoin Hyperspace Testnet and relies heavily on Zondax's filecoin-solidity library in order to work with metadata of live storage deals on-chain. This enabled us to build unique incentive mechanisms such as storage and computation bounties by validating necessary parameters met by storage clients and providers. The project also relied heavily on core Filecoin Network concepts such as a data's unique Piece CID or CommP as the center of the concept of Data Tokens.

In order to demonstrate a client-side view of the contract primitives, we used NextJS and wagmi (customized with Hyperspace Testnet) to interact with our deployed contracts on the network. Furthermore, we deployed multiple token, governance, and bounty contracts on the network to showcase our primitives working live with a dapp.

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