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Data Exchange & Analytics Automatization

Service to exchange data and help build data pipeline using ML algorithms

Data Exchange & Analytics Automatization

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Project Description

The main idea of our project is to generate a decentralized data marketplace with any type of dataset that can be used to train ML models using our automated service pipeline. The idea is to use IPFS with Fleek Space Daemon to upload and control the datasets per user using their buckets creating folders with the Ethereum address.

The data will be completely encrypted and the user would have full control when a user uploads their dataset an NFT will be created so it can be sell or transferred with another user.

How it's Made

This project is a web-based app, for now, we use IPFS JavaSript libraries for upload datasets but the idea is use a Space Deamon for Fleek to upload and control the data with a back-end service. We start creating NFT tokens but is not implemented yet, the NFT is for sell/buy datasets. For Authenticated and signed transaction users, we use Metamask. For ML, Data Manipulations & Pipeline Automated we use Pandas, numpy, matplotlib.

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