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It's a data marketplace where individuals and data daos can share and purchase datasets. Even more one can only purchase a sample of the dataset also, that can be used to check on the quality/feasibility of data for your use case.

Data Champion

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Scaling Ethereum 2023

Project Description

A data marketplace where individuals and data DAOs can share and purchase datasets is available. In addition, you can only purchase a sample of the dataset, which can be used to evaluate the quality and feasibility of the data for your use case. The flagship feature of this marketplace is data sampling, which allows you to specify the amount of data you want to view. For example, if you want to validate whether the data is suitable for your needs, you can request 10% of the data. This is especially useful for AI modeling as it allows you to verify the quality of the data before making a full purchase. This is also beneficial because there can be geographical differences in the data, such as different dog breeds in datasets from India and the USA. By paying only a fraction of the price, you can validate the data and address these issues

How it's Made

For the frontend we used Nextjs, and Solidity for the smart contract stuff. Lighthouse was the core of all of this which we used as a gateway o ipfs and also for encrypting the dataset files, and also used it access control feature to authorize who can view the file. Tbh, lighthouse felt like a missing piece of the web3 ecosystem.

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