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Dappster is a decentralized application store built on the Polygon Dapp Store Kit.


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Scaling Ethereum 2023

Project Description

Dappster: Web3 Reputation Crowdsourced Dapp Store


Dappster is a Web3 Reputation Crowdsourced App Store for Decentralized Applications.

Problem Statement

One of the largest problems in web3 is how difficult it is to identify legitimate actors and avoid malicious actors on-chain. If I’m a new user, where would I go to find the best DeFi, NFT, or DAO projects? Or how do I know if this contract I’m about to interact with is legitimate and not a scam?

Experienced users might check etherscan for metrics like TVL or get an expert friend’s opinion, but that’s a big ask for beginners. And often the reason why they fall for frequent scams, rugpulls, and phishing schemes.

So the questions are:

  1. How can we as a community collectively assess the legitimacy of accounts and contracts?

  2. How can we provide a seamless UX to showcase this “legitimacy” especially for beginner users?


This is why we’ve built Dappster, a platform to crowdsource reputation for on-chain apps.

Dappster works in the following manner:

  1. We crowdsource trust scores from users about others through a on-chain reviews aggregator contract.

  2. We run a simple, non-distributed algorithm to summarize newly added ratings.

  3. We showcase these scores through a seamless, beginner-friendly UI.


  1. Read reviews for on-chain addresses

  2. Write reviews for on-chain addresses

  3. View featured dapps

  4. Check projects for legitimacy

  5. Find best projects through exploring highest rated addresses

Next Steps

  • Add more interactive features such as Following other users and Customizable Profile pages
  • Sybil resistance mechanisms such as RECAPTCHA or Polygon ID verification
  • Monetization strategy such as premium businesss or contributors who can filter for illegitimate/sybil reviews
  • Add testing and monitoring for reliability

How it's Made

In building this project, we used a combination of cutting-edge web development technologies and blockchain solutions to create a seamless user experience and a robust, secure backend. Here's a detailed overview of the technologies and tools we used and how they fit together to form the entire platform:

  • Polygon Dapp Store Kit: We used the Polygon Dapp Store Kit to build the core infrastructure for our decentralized application (dApp). This kit provided the data source to develop our core platform.
  • Web3Modal: We integrated Web3Modal to handle the process of connecting users' wallets to our dApp. This library made it easy to support multiple wallet providers, simplifying the onboarding process for users and ensuring compatibility with a wide range of Ethereum wallets.
  • NextJS: For our frontend development, we used NextJS, a popular React framework that offers server-rendering and static site generation capabilities. This choice allowed us to create an optimal user experience and enhance the performance of our dApp.
  • Express: We built the backend server using Express, a minimal and flexible Node.js web application framework. This enabled us to easily create and manage API endpoints, handle requests, and integrate with other services like Firebase.
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