NFT auction based DAO. Empowers artists be valuing true art through governance. All money goes to treasury which is divided among governors.


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Project Description

We believe that as it stands right now there is no true artist and art focused NFT platform. Most of them have no barrier to either mint or sell, which is a beautiful feature that we want to preserve, but unfortunately it leads to apes and punks being called art. There are a few platforms who fight this low quality art be filtering who can mint and/or sell, namely by whitelisting cherry-picked artists. This cannot be an acceptable solutions in a decentralized world.

That said, we came up with a solution. A solution that hopefully filters low-quality, low-effort art. At DAOVinci, anyone can mint their NFT, either for personal use for to be voted. The ones who can vote are owners of a 1150 Token, our governance token, which can be achieved in 3 ways:

  1. 50 token will be actioned for the first 50 days of our DAO, 1 token each day
  2. By being the artist who created the most weekly voted art
  3. By being the weekly highest bidder

All the money bided on the governance token will go straight to treasure and every 5% of the value of the bided art will also go to treasury, leaving 95% to the artist, one of the most, if not the most, friendly revenue for the artist that there is when compared to other platforms.

All governors will get weekly share from the treasury. This creates major incentives for the DAO to create more and more services.

How it's Made

Our foundations is react for front-end and solidity for smart contracts.

Surprisingly, there was no need to build a back-end, which is really fortunate given that the whole project was done is 2 days, and that's all thanks to 2 marvelous sponsors:

  1. Moralis, their API is just out of the world, and makes the whole process of auth and managing key user info, like balance and address, very easy.

  2. NFTPort, we use these bad boys API, which is insanely well documented, to create what we call "myself NFT" which is a NFT that we let the user mint for free and they can keep it, won't be voted to be bided, and we also use their API to make the process of uploading our "main" NFT's metadata to IPFS way smoother.

We also use

  1. Chainlink, we already had heard of keepers -we had a few calls with them regarding a past project- and we instantly knew we would use them for this project, it's a key component to call smart contract's functions.

  2. Superfluid makes the process of distributing treasury revenue easier

  3. And of course, the one and only, Polygon. The Layer 2 holy grail.

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