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DaoSurv is an analytic DAO tooling. aim to capture the public feedback to enhance DAO project decisions. We offer SURVeillance (monitor and alert), SURVey (announce governance proposal), and insightful analytics to iteratively improve the DAO, SURViving long-term success.


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Project Description

The project started with the Whale alert as the inspiration. We would love to see a DAO-oriented version so that DAO members and the public audience could see more actions happening in DAO. DaoSurv idea is simple, we monitor on-chain DAO activity and make it more visible. The treasury movements, New governance proposals, or any other onchain data are queried and processed for analytics with the goal of iteratively improving DAO long-term. We separate the workflows into two groups: 1. Twitter alert when things change and 2. Twitter poll/survey to gather initial public voice on the governance proposal. The Alert part (SURVeillance) helps DAO members keep up with the latest activity while polls (SURVey) validate public thoughts before the actual votes. When the tractions and interaction on our Alert and Survey feature are large enough, it will be valuable to analyze and feedback to improve DAO operation.

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How it's Made

We use the Covalent API to handle the token amount and The Graph to query on-chain proposal. Cronjob and data pipeline are developed together with Twitter API so the Surveillance and Survey features could be automated. We also add a widget that could allow the DAO project to plug in the tool to their website. The analytics part will require more data from actual tweets interactions.

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