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DAODash is a gamified social experience for web3 contributors.


Created At

ETHNewYork 2022

Winner of


🥈 Gnosis Chain — Best Use


🥇 Covalent — Best Use

Project Description

Currently contribution in web3 is hard to track, social spaces in web3 is scattered, information is impossible to keep up. DAODash aim to create a home for web3 contributors by documenting their contributions to badges, skill trees, XPs to create an ‘Animal Crossing’ alike gamified social experience for them. DAODash pulls transactional data from user wallet and registered web3 vault and their guilds, converting that to player XP and an in-game currency $DD. $DD can then be used to purchase in-game NFT items such as profile and home decorations. Player would also gain custom badges, skill trees and other items that directly reflects how much they have contributed to web3 organizations.

How it's Made

We aim to implement many web3 technologies to provide transparency and stability in this product, here are the technologies we used (or aim to use) in this game:

WalletConnect - to connect different wallets for the same account; Covenant - to pull on-chain transaction data as indicators for XPs and skill trees; Chronos - to easily integrate our app into the EVM system; Gnosis Safe - to be used as go-to wallet for web3 organizations to provide the most trusted on-chain transaction; BitDAO - we offer this product as a platform for BitDAO's DAO ecosystem; Gnosis Chain - Gnosis chain is one of the fastest, intuitive blockchain out there for DAO vaults, we offer to implement Gnosis chain to our product for easy DAO intergrations

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