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Increase engagement and participation in your DAO by bringing governance to the one place everyone is familiar with: a group chat.


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ETHGlobal Paris

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🧑‍⚖️ Worldcoin — Best Governance


🥇 XMTP — Best Use


🏃 Airstack — Runner Up

Project Description

Nowadays DAOs rely on many tools, such as Discord for conversations, Snapshot for governance and external forums for discussions. This complexity makes it hard for members to stay up-to-date, remain engaged and actively participate in governance. In fact, most DAOs have very low participation.

DAOChat allows to engage and participate in a DAO through a single place that is familiar to everyone: a group chat. DAO members can create discuss, create governance proposals and vote without ever leaving the chat.

By providing a simple and familiar experience to members, DAOChat can help DAOs to increase engagement and participation in governance.

How it's Made

DAOChat allows you to create an XMTP group chat for a DAO based on the membership defined in a given Snapshot space. When the group chat is created, the application retrieves the strategies associated with the Snapshot space (for example, the NFT or tokens that the user must have to participate in DAO proposals) and uses Airstack to obtain the addresses that match those strategies, which will be added to the group.

Group members are able to exchange messages, create proposals and vote on proposals through the chat. This is made possible by XMTP custom Content Types, which allow to display custom messages (like a poll), which contain interactions with Snapshot.

To prevent spamming and bots, DAOChat uses Worldcoin to allow only verified humans to vote for the proposals.

DAOChat uses EAS to issue attestation for votes through chat.

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